Multi-Device Charging Tray

Multi charging station that can organize and charge up to seven digital devices.

COLOR :    SIZE : 190 × 80 × 190mm(W × H × D)

Organize charging place

Currently, it is becoming common that one person has multiple digital tools. It has become a troublesome problem to figure out how to organize the charging cables for those devices. COLONY is a special platform that neatly charges up to seven digital devices in one place.

Can neatly store cables

It is inevitable that several of your cables will become tangled together when they are being stored together. COLONY’s lid has a rotation mechanism that hides the cable when it is not in use, allowing you to quickly take them out only when you need it.

Easy-to-use three-layer structure

Install a USB charger in the center of the third layer, the most bottom one and wind the cable around and adjust the length. Store the cable of the remaining length on the second tray. Place the device at the top of the first layer and charge it.

Blends into interior, NuAns’s original material

COLONY was made from the original resin mixed with stone powder. It fits the interior of your workspace like a piece of artwork, not like a mass-produced plastic product.

More Details

Model Number・JAN

  • Texture Black:NA-CLN-TBK 4582269488424
  • Texture White:NA-CLN-TWT 4582269488431


  • ・COLONY ×1


  • Product Size:190 × 80 × 190mm(W × H × D)
  • Package Size:200 × 105 × 200mm(W × H × D)


Is a charger included?
No, it is not attached. This is only a charging base.