Storage Box

Easy-to-use storage case that can be opened from the front and the top, regardless of positioning

COLOR :     SIZE : 210 × 145 × 265mm(W × H × D)

Can be a part of your interior accessory

It is popular to arrange several storage boxes in a room to be part of your interior accessories. FLIPBOX is an ultimately simple storage box with fabric material that naturally blends into your interior.

Three color variations that blend into the work life space

We prepared three calming colors that easily blend into any interior. Choose your favorite one from simple black, white, warm saffron.

Simple and comfortable open-close structure

Because the magnet is built in the inside of the resin, it can be easily opened and closed with one action. The storage part is made of resin that is strong enough to put in headphones or cameras.

Can easily take out items from the inside

With many storage boxes the lid only opens on the top, so if you stack them, it will be difficult to take out items from the box on the bottom. FLIPBOX has an extra opening on the front of the box, so you can retrieve items even when you stack the boxes. You can use it as a shelve by putting some decorations on them.

More Details

Model Number・JAN

  • Canvas Black:NA-FLB-CBK 4582269489315
  • Canvas White:NA-FLB-CWT 4582269489322
  • Canvas Saffron:NA-FLB-CSF 4582269489339


  • ・FLIPBOX ×1


  • Size:210 × 145 × 265mm(W × H × D)