Nuance & New Answers

The rapid expansion of digital tools in last few decades has changed our lifestyle dramatically. NuAns has mainly focused on “Home Life” and introduced very new digital tools that blend seamlessly into your daily life. Now NuAns is changing its focusing to “Work Life”

– The more you use, the more you enjoy –
The first series of NuAns Products are designed not only for their initial appearance and convenience but their subtleties of texture and comfort. For the new series of NuAns, ”Movement” and “Sound” seamlessly blend together, adding a touch of “Joy” and “Freedom” to your work life.


Magnetic Multi-Functional Desk

In our daily working environment, there are many items that have become a necessity to have on your work desk such as PC, smartphone, headphone, coffee cups, books, documents and so on. However, the workspace on your desk is often tends to be smaller than you think and some can struggle to place everything neatly on your desk. “BASE” is a very new magnetic multi-functional desk that maximizes your workspace while keeping all necessary items around you.

Even though “BASE” is a small work desk, it ensures adequate workspace by customizing it with magnetic accessories, depending on your work style. For instance, plants and painting tools can be placed by attaching a magnetic cup holder on the edge of your desk during your creativity works, and document holder and partition can be attached to increase organization and concentration at work.

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Storage Box

Nowadays, It is common to stack up several storage boxes in the room rather than hiding them in the storage room. FLIPBOX is a storage box, which can melt into your interior design, by keeping the simplest design, shape and material. This easy-to-use structural storage box can be accessed inside from the front and top of the box so that whether boxes are arranged in horizontal or vertical, it has easy access to inside the box.

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Stationery Case

Even though digital tools have became popular in modern lifestyle, pens, rulers and paper clips are still essential and cannot be ignored. FLIPTRAY is a new style stationery case. It sits on your desk as a stationery tray in a convenient angle and once you flip the lid, you can take it with you anywhere you like! FLIPTRAY can make you feel you are at your own desk anywhere you go.

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Business Card Holder

Open the card case, exchange business cards and close the card case. FLIPHOLDER offers new solution that can make these actions smooth and comfortable. Once you open flip cover, FLIPHOLDER can be used as card tray on your desk. Ultrasuede is tough and reliable but smooth fabric and it is the perfect material for daily business use.

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Multi-Device Charging Station

Nowadays, it has became accustomed for one person to have several digital tools. But charging all these devices by using dedicated cables can create undesirable spaces in your room. COLONY is a charging station that can hold up to 7 digital tools and keep all dedicated cables out of sight. The 3 layer structure enables easy access to all cables at anytime and unused cables can be stored inside CONONY.

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Digital Device Accessories Case

One of the major troubles of having many digital tools is storing all accessories such as cables, batteries, memory cards and chargers. CADDY is the one to solve this problem. Movable partition which is placed inside the storage space enable to store all accessories neatly. Stone-like texture can naturally fit for your interior design.

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Multi Cable Holder

FOLDKEEPER is a multi cable holder that can keep up to 3 cables from sliding off from your table for furnitures. This unique structure is just like a book cover, and keeps the metal terminal out of sight while it is not in use. Felt and the smooth texture of natural wood is always a good combination with any interior design.

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Erastic Cable Holder

TAGKEEPER is tag shaped cable holder which can be attached to your wall or furnitures. All different kinds of cables can be held by pushing them into the rubber holder. With TAGKEEPER, you won’t be looking for lost cables anymore.

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