A magnet that allows you to organize those easy-to-lose Lightning cables. You’ll never have to pull apart cables and search for their ports again. The double-sided tape on the magnet’s back allows you to affix it wherever you want. You can store your Lightning cables anywhere, even on walls and other vertical surfaces.

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You do not need to worry about fishing for your dropped cable anymore

At home or at the office

The right “nuance” provided with great texture

Dedication and thoughts in superb design work by TENT


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  • MAGDOT (3 pieces as one set)


Will the force of the magnet adversely affect my device?

The device should not be affected electromagnetically.

My Lighting cable will not attach to the MAGDOT

It may not attach if you are not using a genuine Apple product or Apple licensed product (Made for iPhone (MFi). A magnetic metal, such as iron material cable connector can be used

Can the double-sided tape be removed and reused?

No, the double-sided tape can not be reused. Please be mindful when choosing locations to place your MAGDOTs. It may also leave marks or residue of the tape upon removal.

The adhesive is very weak

Please apply more pressure on the MAGDOT to affix it.