Magnetic Multi-Functional Desk

Customize the working environment with accessories -
Function-expandable desk that keeps enough working space on the surface.

COLOR :   SIZE : 900×700 × 600mm(W × H × D)
Keeps a large working area even with the compact top board

Keeps a large working area even with the compact top board

Smartphone, PC, headphone, power cable, mug cup, and paper materials. In a modern working environment, we use various tools and the area that we actually work on the is unexpectedly narrow.

BASE is a completely new function-expandable desk that can allows for more room on its surface for work while holding your necessary tools nearby.

Simple design and durable structure

Simple design and durable structure

There are steel rails around the whole top board to prevent deflection. Fixing the steel legs directly to the top board prevents the table from swaying from side to side. These steel rails and legs made it possible to have a firm rigid structure while being a uniquely slim and simple design.

Made in Japan high quality desk

Made in Japan high quality desk

Processing the top board and steel, and painting is done in Tsubame Sanjo city in Niigata prefecture. This quality can be only achieved by the Japanese factory that with a high level of technology, such as adjusting the interlocking parts of steel rails and engagement with accessories.


Customize the top board as you like, special accessories for BASE

BASE dedicated accessories can be easily attached and detached to anywhere on a steel rail around the entire top board as you would like.


    A large cup holder that can be used as a large drink holder or even to hold a flower pot with plants.


    A small cup holder that can be used as a small drink holder or even to hold a flower pot with plants and a paper cup with pens.

  • HOOK

    It is a versatile hook that can hang bags, headphones, exclusive FOLDERCASE etc.


    It is a multi-cable holder that can hold cables that tend to fall off from the desk.


    The partition allows you to adjust how you use it, such as standing in front, or folding and put it on the corner. You can also pin postcards and business cards to it. Attach the partition and the partition stand to BASE.


    It is a felt case that can hold documents, files, and MacBooks up to 15 inches. Use the HOOK to hang from BASE.


More Details

Model Number・JAN


  • Matt Black:NA-BASE-NW 4582269488493



  • Cup Holder (Large) / Matt Black:NA-BASE-A-CHL 4582269488509
  • Cup Holder (Small) / Matt Black:NA-BASE-A-CHS 4582269488516
  • Hook / Matt Black:NA-BASE-A-HOOK 4582269488523
  • Cable Holder / Matt Black:NA-BASE-A-CBHD 4582269488677
  • Document Holder / Felt Black:NA-BASE-A-FC 4582269488530
  • Partition / Felt Black:NA-BASE-A-PA 4582269488547


  • ・BASE ×1


  • Size:900×700 × 600mm(W × H × D)