Nuance & New Answer from Simplism x TENT

Nuance & New Answer

Some things in the world naturally pull at our attention and we want them to be part of our lives. The best cutting-edge accessories appreciate and tap into these instinctive desires by being convenient tools that blend seamlessly into your life. NuAns is a nuanced new answer to providing that comfort in our lives.

Life Needs Nuance

Nowadays iPhones, iPads and computers have become nearly synonymous with necessity for each one of us to function well in our daily lives - their “convenience” providing amazing support. Our range of behavior has also changed with technology. The division between home life and work life has become blurred. Our homes are now also home offices. the outdoors, cafes and libraries have become places for either business or relaxation. The convenient access technology has enabled, in usage as both tool and breadth of locations, has led to new paradigms allowing for a wider range of experiences as we enjoy our newfound flexibility. iPhones and iPads have pushed these paradigms forward, but have not completely melted into our daily lives as our favorites yet.

People pick up things that they would like to put by their side or select interiors which they want to be their rooms. This combination of colors or shapes blend into their daily lives as each person creates their own unique atmosphere. Each item and its characteristics contribute to that unique picture. These characteristics quietly exist, melting into the surroundings of a room or easily fitting into your palms. The purpose of NuAns is to provide convenience in the modern space without breaking the ambience of the existing atmosphere.

Material Needs Nuance

NuAns products are designed not only their initial appearance or function but also the subtleties of texture, ambience, comfort, relaxation, and convenience. For example, the felt material used for most of the NuAns products, is not a normal one. To protect the product itself and also your personal belongings which would come in contact with the NuAns product, it is manufactured as dust-resistant and water-resistant. It is a felt specially-made for NuAns to provide a comfortable tactile sense and also to be durable for the heat resistance and fire-resistance necessary for a digital device standard.

Taking advantage of the softness of elastomers used for some of the products for design and function, the 3D texture was processed on the surface with the familiar and more welcoming look of fabric rather than a cold industrial product. For those extended use products, aluminium or stainless materials were selected to be tough enough to stand up to rigorous usage. The anodized aluminum processes are used on the surface and grain or spin finish are added to small parts.

New Lifestyle needs new Answer

In our modern lifestyle now accustomed to digital devices, it is necessary to have not only convenience but also a new solution. For example, a cable used for charging a battery tends to tangle together with other things in a bag and is difficult to get it out. Even if you could wrestle it out, the long cables must be untied otherwise they are unusable. It is difficult to organize cables neatly and bear external terminals don’t look good. Thus, most of the digital devices do not really fit to other high quality leather business card cases or repeatedly used stationeries in a bag.

Whether it’s the ability to put digital devices together with your favorite belongings, with an added drop of convenience; waking up in the morning and going to bed at night by setting a warm light and also providing simple silhouettes and needed functions naturally and quietly; or lessening the visual noise which always comes with the convenience of digital devices, NuAns gives new answers to all of these demands.

Keep it simple

That's our design philosophy.
We have added thoughtful "+"; ideas to our products. Our commitment is to provide functional, high quality products at affordable prices. Each product is infused with love.

Enhance your 'digital life' – that's +Simplism.

TENT is a creative unit formed by Masayuki Haruta and Ryosaku Aoki in 2011. “Pleasing the eyes and the more you use, the more you love.” is the basic theme and based on this concept, TENT provides variety of product designs from tableware, home electronics to interior goods. TENT offers superb designs from concept making to holistic all-up product creation. Some of our work are; web, application UI, producing event/exhibition booth design and much more.

The story behind the creation of NuAns can be explored in three different sections. In each episode, Hoshikawa, CEO of Trinity, Aoki and Haruta, from TENT, are discussing the ideas and concepts of NuAns brands and products. Also, displayed are the behind the scene stories of the product development.