Making of NuAns ® Vol.3 by Simplism x TENT

Vol.3 New Answers for New Days

“When I made the NuAns series products, I devoted myself to two rules: ‘no bare external terminals’ and ‘cables blend into the design’. I even considered the importance of the shape of the product when it was inactive.” said Hoshikawa.
As a matter of fact, products such as an external mobile battery charger, charging dock, or USB charger are idle much more often than they are in use. So the design consideration for those devices while dormant in a bag or sitting on a desk was important since the concept behind NuAns is to create products that blend seamlessly into people’s daily lives and surroundings.
“The shape of a battery is normally a box. A cable is designed to be thin and rounded. The cable of TAGPLATE, was built-in as part of the design and, together with the battery portion, create the ‘tag’ shape. The length of the cable is kept to the minimum amount needed for a solid connection to the iPhone. We really wanted that.”
Mr. Hoshikawa said contentedly about TAGPLATE. This design is only made for iPhone, and the iPhone market is where NuAns specializes.”

“TAGPLATE is based on similar ideas for TENT’s, Display Cleaner. TAGPLATE has a very effective utility, but also remains aesthetically pleasing when it is in a bag, or resting somewhere, so that it only looks a little bit cuter if you add the ‘tag’ to it. It’s meant to be playful,” Mr. Aoki said.
The collaboration between Simplism and TENT has married playfulness with convenient utility.”

“We want NuAns to have a comfort and warmth to it so the brand is about blending seamlessly into people’s lives, and not just about the digital gadgetry,” Mr. Hoshikawa replied in regards to the direction of NuAns.
It aims to create conditions so that even a digital gadget is selected for the way it feels, looks and will inhabit or fuse into a space.
“The differentiating factor in the design thought was to make a digital gadget with lifestyle and capacity in mind, rather than the sole focus being on functionality,” Mr. Haruta said and laughed.
“For example, it does not say that MAGMAT can connect 10 iPhones and hold cables for them all, but can connect 1 to 2 phones and hold the accompanying cables. If a long stick magnet was used, many lightning connectors could be held, but the importance of maintaining a clean environment and not crowding the mat drove the design” Mr, Aoki explained.

When it comes to fashion and goods that are necessities, we have many options to choose from that can complement our everyday lives. Digital gadgets should be treated the same. These are the basic concepts for the NuAns team: that a new idea can solve a new problem, that additions to our lives should make our lives more comfortable, that products should be attractive not just functional, and that quality matters.
“The internet and digital gadgetry has become part of our everyday lives accelerated by the iPhone. However, there are not many products which fit into that life while seamlessly blending with our sense of style. For the solution, our new answer is ‘NuAns’.”

NuAns will continue to strive to make life convenient and comfortable. Our promise to help the digital age fit into our lives is with new answers from NuAns.