Privacy Policy


Trinity, Inc. recognizes the importance of the personal information protection and that it is our social responsibility to utilize and protect such personal information in a proper manner and promises to protect the personal information.

Personal Information Definition

The personal information is the information about a person such as name,birth date, gender, phone number, e-mail address, occupation, or place of work which enable to identify a certain person.

Collection and utilization of Personal Information

Trinity, Inc. collects and utilizes the personal information only for and within the following purposes.
The collection and utilization of the personal information by Trinity, voluntarily submitted by customers, and when customers voluntarily submit the personal information, it is considered that the customers grant us utilization of the personal information based on this privacy policy.

  • Necessary Operation to Deliver Your Order
  • Provision of information such as about new products which is considered to be informative to customers.
  • Questions or confirmations needed to perform operation, or collections of opinions to improve service.
  • Supports for inquiries

Provision of personal information to a third party

Unless there are reasonable grounds, Trinity, Inc. does not provide or disclose the personal information to a third party without a person's consent in advance.

Management of Personal Information

Trinity, Inc. establishes a chief privacy officer in order to prevent leaks, loss, or assassination of the personal information and tries to protect it safely, and managed the personal information from customers to maintain it up to date in a proper manner.

Supervision of the Outside Consignment

Trinity, Inc. may provide outside consignment with a part of the personal information in order to provide products or service to customers. In that case, we manage that the outside consignment handles the personal information in a proper manner.

Ceasing the release, correction and deletion of personal information

Trinity, Inc. shall within reasonable limits respond in a timely manner to requests from individuals to cease in the release, correction and deletion of their personal information.

About Security

Inquiry forms from customers are confirmed by the digital ID by GeoTrust. When entering and sending data using our inquiry form, all of the communication between customer's web browser and server will be encrypted by SSL encryption communication, and all the entered data will be transmitted safely.